Advocating for Graduation Using Data & Language

GO Public Schools is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to building and supporting a multi-city network of local coalitions, whose members — parents, educators, and community allies — work together to expand access to quality education in California’s most historically underserved communities. GO demands and shapes schools driven by the needs of kids today – not by practices and structures designed for schools of a past and different era.

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The Challenge: Demystify data and create a path to advocacy in the K-16 space. Too often, parent voice is absent from rooms of power. GO Public Schools asked me to create a communication solution that empowers parents to engage in and lead education policy discussions by providing access to information, tools, and skill-building resources.

The Outcome: The Kids Can report is a comprehensive K-16 conversation with rigorous content that is truly accessible to parents, and seamlessly bilingually. Whether a parent has earned many degrees or is navigating the American public education system for the first time, the Kids Can report provides families from all backgrounds with the appropriate on-ramp to become powerful advocates for their children – and ultimately – all children.

View the entire 84-page, bilingual Kids Can book.

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