Everyone deserves great design.

You know those hand-scrawled numbers you see written in pencil in the corner of a fine piece of art? The ones that tell you the piece is unique and one of a kind; that there is nothing else like it in the world. That’s how our company treats every project with every client. You are One of One.

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Rashina Bhula

Since she can remember, Rashina has been fascinated by the idea of starting her own company. Whether it was selling handmade bracelets in middle school, helping her parents start multiple businesses (before doing her homework) in high school, or designing custom planners for her colleagues at Teach For America right after college — Rashina has spent her life turning her passions into her work.

A Tennessee native, lifelong creative and lover of all things grey (including stormy weather), she launched One of One Design Co in 2014 after recognizing the lack of affordable branding for the nonprofits and startups she worked for as a Creative Director. The simple idea that started it all?
Everyone deserves great design.

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